Sustainability & Responsibility always in our minds.

Social engagement

Social issues and our impact on the community are our major considerations and the core of all our business activities. We strive to creating healthy and inspirational working conditions for our employees, with whom we share the values of a just society, human rights protection, gender equality, data ethics and a zero tolerance for discrimination and abuse.
Our values are implemented in the way we make business decisions, the way we communicate and educate, and the way we choose our partners.

Being a company with high export levels, we make sure that our partners across the world share our values, respect the rights of their employees, and abide by the local labour laws. Using our economic influence, we want to achieve that all the people we work and collaborate with are guaranteed a safe and healthy work environment, wherever in the world they might be.

Diversity and equal opportunity

Lentismed cultivates a culture of respect, inclusion, diversity and personal growth. All of our employees as well as the managing structure has a zero-tolerance policy regarding harassment, mobbing and discrimination based on gender, age, ethnic origin, religious beliefs, marital status, sexual orientation, political opinion, disability or physical characteristics, or any other basis.

Since discrimination and harassment take many subtle or disguised forms such as microaggressions, deceit, isolation, inconsistency, withholding information etc., many a time without the perpetrators even being aware of their actions, we believe that education is the key step in building a healthy and inclusive workplace in which people can work, thrive, express themselves and feel safe in regardless of their differences.

Gender equality is not a goal we strive to achieve – this principle has been in the core of our business since the very beginning, with female representation in senior management being between 50% and 70% ever since the company’s foundation in 2010.


Our employment procedure is focused solely on attracting talent, without discriminating against any group or individual. Lentismed has always been a company aware of social issues and challenges the workforce faces, which is why we are continuously investing into making it a place free of any type of discrimination.

In our transparent employment procedure, all candidates are treated in the same manner. Following the best practices in the world, salaries are determined in advance for each position and communicated at the very beginning of the selection procedure to avoid any conscious or sub-conscious alterations later in the process which would be based on someone’s gender, nationality, race, religious background, sexual identity or any other grounds.

We are committed to making Lentismed a place that offers careers, not jobs. In the previous year we have reduced the rate of voluntary turnover from 18% to 15.6% by investing in our human resources through education and various employment benefits such as parental leave, transport allowance, education budget, health insurance, pension plans and yearly bonuses.

Environmental sustainability

Achieving a balance between natural resources and human nutrition that respects the natural world but at the same time promotes our modern way of life is one of the most important parts of the puzzle regarding climate change. Caring for our environment is something we all need to be a part of. There are many environmental projects that promote sustainable living – large and small, local, national and global.

We believe that businesses should make a positive impact on our planet.

Our response to global climate issues

Lentismed’s energy management system is integrated in our quality management system along with the environmental management system. It is based on continuous awareness raising and systematic improvements of energy performance. In order to achieve our goals, we make sure that all the necessary information and resources are available at all times.

Our production processes are optimized to high energy efficiency, and we are always looking for new opportunities for improvement. We support the procurement of energy efficient products and services, as well as design that improves energy efficiency. From the largest projects down to the choice of lightbulbs and paper we write on – everything step that is taken, every mile travelled, every button pushed is guided by the highest standards of energy efficiency.

Our energy efficiency policy is integrated in our Management System Policy. It is available to our workers and to all interested parties on our website in order to raise general awareness on energy consumption in the workplace.

Product and packaging design

The waste generated by single-use medical devices accounts for a large portion of the total amount of waste produced. Therefore, the environmental aspect is our major concern and an important factor in the development of new products. However, within healthcare there are distinct clinical and regulatory limitations to reducing plastic waste. This is why it is necessary to find the right balance between patient safety, functionality of medical devices and their impact to the environment, which is a challenge the entire medical industry has been facing for decades.

Today all the materials in boxes are cellulose based and therefore renewable. They do not contain any additional materials that would prevent their recyclability.

The materials are a significant element in the packaging, but the printing technique is also an element which should not be overlooked. Choosing flexographic printing, which enables printing on a wider range of materials than the traditional printing press, has enabled us to use recyclable packaging materials without sacrificing quality.