Transform Vulnerability & Emotions into Empowering Strengt.


Is to live to the fullest and to be the heroes of our own story. We do everything to be better than yesterday and better than others. We start with ourselves and our field production of high quality medical devices, however, this is the attitude that we hope to encourage in our users, partners and everyone we meet.

With every day and with every little heroic act we write the story of our life, and we want to encourage people around us to decide to write it the way they want to, not the way it seems set by the current life circumstances.

OUR Values

Are directed towards the community because we are convinced that it is through others that we can reach our full potential. With strong ethical standards, integrity and commitment to turning problems into opportunities, we believe that we will make our vision come true and one day be among the top 100 manufacturers of medical devices and your first choice!

Lentismed at a glance

Lentismed develops and markets products and services that give people living with intimate and chronic conditions confidence, freedom, and discretion.

Within Ostomy Care and Continence Care we do not only support our patients, but we also equip healthcare professionals with the tools, training, and expertise to accurately assess a range of health conditions and cater to the needs of an individual.